Transverse Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

T-Vawt is a new revolutionary low rpm vertical axis wind energy design which utilizes 4 transitioning vertical blades in conjunction with light-weight horizontal flaps to capture wind pressure on one side of the turbine while allowing the pressure to freely pass through on the opposing side. This new design allows for an explosive upgrade versus standard vertical axis turbines available today.

The Challenge

With any design there are many issues that have to be addressed. T-Vawt is a very peculiar design, which is very different than what is currently mainstream. Balancing the design, creating blade back force to defy the centrifugal rotation, and choosing light weight yet strong materials, that could handle the vibrations, were all a challenge. Many days went into tuning the design so that it could perform as it does.

The Solution

By utilizing strong, light weight materials and reducing the wind turbine diameter, we were able to effectively reduce the amount of vibrations that resulted from the blades transitioning from open to closed. Normally, once the turbine rotates, the blades should stay stuck in the open position, however our patented design allows for an innovative use of repulsion items, which basically negate the effects which arise from rotation. Each location T-Vawt will be installed at, will have various wind speeds so it becomes necessary that our wind turbines are custom tuned to perform optimally for average wind speed ranges 1-6mps/7-10mps/11-15mps/15-21mps.

Responsible Energy Conversion

At pinnacle industries we believe in responsible innovation. If everyone in the world used renewable energy what would happen to all of the millions of jobs left vacant from the energy sector. T-Vawt is low maintenance but not maintenance free. With a proper location the T-Vawt design creates enough electricity to not only bring revenue into your home from excess energy production but also to pay for its own yearly maintenance. Since the T-Vawt system does not require high towers to harness the wind, it becomes possible to carry out maintenance with ease. The blades of the T-Vawt are designed as the only wear point in the system and one that is quickly and easily changed out.

Investors choice

With high profit margins, more innovative projects soon to be released and a lock solid patent portfolio, T-Vawts parent company is set to grow. For a limited time Pinnacle Industries will be taking offers to release a percentage of the company stock for purchase.

Better Suited for Urban areas

With low cut in speed, quiet operation, easy maintenance, high torque, low rpm(bird safe), the T-Vawt becomes an obvious choice for Urban areas. Standard vertical axis wind turbines do little in producing real energy that can make a difference. As seen in our performance video, T-Vawt gets alot more done with alot less wind.

The T-Vawt Edge


IOT is available on all wind turbine models so that the power output can be monitored in real time. If multiple turbines are purchased to be placed on wind farms for profit, then the app will show all of the individual turbine outputs via your T-Vawt app.


The operating costs of today’s wind turbines are always higher than what the wind turbine can produce in energy sales. In this way, wind energy is not a profitable business. T-Vawt, with our responsible innovation mantra, designed a wind turbine with specific low cost wear points so that what should break does and what is expensive to replace does not.

Operational Average

Many wind turbines estimate a 50% capacity run time. One of the reasons for this poor estimate is because of the wind speed requirements needed to facilitate rotation. In Tests, T-Vawt starts rotating in as little as 1mps, that translates to more power longer.




Vertical Axis Wind Turbine



Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine


Data collected from 327 small wind manufacturers from the WWEA Small Wind Manufacturer Catalogue

The Results Were Amazing

During the proof of concept test T-Vawt was able to display a variety of surprising attributes not available in conventional wind turbines.The first surprice ws that of cut in speed.T-vawt was able to start rotation at 1 ms of wind.This means constant power even when conditions are not the best.The second surprice was how much electricity was made under such a high load during the test.Even with 1,335ohm load T-vawt was able to produce 6+volts rectified dc current at an unbalanced of low @4ms wind.

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